Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked QuestionsWho are Samruddhi?

We are a subsidiary of Samruddhi Group and with 12 years of experience in an industry we have a strong base for launching the unbreakable plastic articles.

How safe is Samruddhi Family Shoppe concept?

The higher the number of stores the high is the safety ranking for the store. While proving the Samruddhi as having the safe retail store people have also accepted its uniqueness in the wide range of product collection that is made available in front of you thus letting you forget about the drawbacks you have with the FMCG sector.

When can we start SFS?

Within the duration of 15 days after the individuals have signed the legal Franchise agreement they can freely start the SFS.

Do I need to leave my current Job for running SFS?

It all depends on your personal interest of handling the business either by self or by appointing a manager for full time activities and you act as a supervisor for monitoring the things

Do I need to have past experience in the retail industry to start SFS?


What are average Sales expected and average margin ratio?

Both of these financial aspects are directly linked with the potential that is present in your place. In general it would range between 3 to 7 Lac per month with the margin ratio of 20% to a maximum of 50%.

How is the performance of existing SFS?

We should admit that the performance of the present SFS is excellent as the best shopee draws around Rs 6 to Rs 7 Lac per month while the moderate shopee draws an average amount of 3 to 4 Lac per month.

Can I convert my existing stores into an SFS and continue to get higher benefits?

YES you can with no restrictions on this.

What is the staff required for SFS?

As minimum as one single manager and one floor attendant per floor area of 300 square feet is required to run SFS. If you have the interest to operate as an owner then you need only floor attendant in each floor.

Does the company offer any Minimum assured commission on SFS?

NO. The company does not offer any minimum assured commission but does provide a helping hand in every aspect of running the SFS due to which people love running SFS.

Does the company have any training manual for franchisees?

YES. All the training course materials that are specially organized for the franchisees will give proper guidance in running the SFS.

Does the company help Franchisee in site selection of SFS?

YES. As we are operating in the interest of the customers and franchisees we do invest time in picking the best site for SFS.

Do the company help franchisees for business development?

YES. Though we do not assure you any commission we assure that a complete step by step guidance will be provided in the initial stages for the business development. Later, depending on the progress of the business one would get valued suggestions to solve the roadblocks that the franchisees are facing.

What areas is SVML looking for Franchisees?

SVML is looking for franchisees all over India in all states.

As a member of the public can I order products shown on the site?

Though the products belong to us, as we are supporting the franchising concept we definitely would love to direct you to the local Samruddhi family shopee only after which we may allow you to place orders with us provided the local shopping area does not have this product.

However, if for any reason you are unable to get to a record store or you do not have regular website access then please contact us on 0233 – 2601617 for assistance.

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