Role of Franchisee

Franchise businessThe primary role of a franchisee is to ensure that the customer goes with the product he is expecting from the store. In order to perform this primary role to the best he should make sure that all the products are kept up to the inventory level. The franchisee should ensure that proper replenishment of the sold out products is happening time to time in a prompt way.

One should be smart enough to make decisions with respect investing in the location, interiors as well as on the stock procurement for SFS.
Be capable enough to operationally get involved with each and every transaction related to SFS and ensure that all the standards are met and all the SVMLs policy are followed firmly. One important thing that people lose sight on is the legal and statutory formalities that are to be fulfilled before the initiation of SFS.
So following all these and abiding by the policies will definitely give you the scope to earn enough amount and also let the SFS grow beyond your expectations.

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