Role of Franchiser

Role of FranchiserThe foremost responsibility that is owned by us is to provide a complete end to end guidance for the start-up program that each and every franchisee has to go with in order to launch the SFS for his or her own benefits.

Next to this guidance is the role to facilitate the franchisee with the infrastructure like the furniture, display material, exterior fit outs d├ęcor and the like. We would ensure that everything is set as per the standards.

We extend our support to the per-launching activities like supply the stock required as per the recommended launching packages for starting the SFS and creating the suitable advertisement atmosphere wherein the hoardings, printed media materials etc. are used to show off the time of launching the shoppee. Even the brochures along with promo material will be helpful at the local level though not at the state wide.

Post launching support is also provided in which regular visits are made to the individual SFS by our senior officials who are likely to sit closer and discuss with the franchisee about the difficulties they are facing for running the SFS.

In order to ensure smooth running of the business we ensure timely delivery of the stock at the individual SFS depending on their indents. We also work with SFS so that the brand awareness is improved slowly. In order for the business to be stabilized, we help the franchisees by conducting meetings as well as review the performance and appreciate all the efforts made by the franchisees.

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