The Concept and Opportunity



Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market is well established with its roots spread wide across the country covering each and every channel. These customer stops start from a lower level of small stores and extend up to the level of Mega malls.

However all the FMCGs are after food, except for a few like the Samruddhi which deals with the non-food but generally required commodities for the households on the regular basis. Samruddhi Family Shoppee is the only one that listened to the wish made by the customer due to which they are able to enjoy the superior quality merchandise products from one stop solution.

The Opportunity:

Franchising in India is estimated to be worth $22 billion (about Rs 1. 2 lakh crore) and is growing at 35% to 40% annually, according to data from survey. The report further establishes that franchising is amongst the most viable mediums for brands to expand and tap the vast Indian consumer market across segments.

The growth pattern and the overall estimated business, gives a tremendous opportunity to an average person, to enter into an established business with proven track record and firm corporate guidance. Also, franchising business will enrich the economy and the lives of everyone who comes in contact with the franchised business.

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