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The Opportunity

Franchising in India is estimated to be worth $22 billion (about Rs 1. 2 lakh crore) and is growing at 35% to 40% annually.

The Benefits

Very low capital and very little floor space is needed along with very less labor cost because of the non skilled manpower required.

Role of Franchise

One should be smart enough to make decisions with respect investing in the location, interiors as well as on the stock procurement for SFS.

Role of Franchiser

The foremost responsibility is to provide a complete end to end guidance for the start-up program that each and every franchisee joins.
Samruddhi recognize responsibility towards social & environmental dimension of our business & thus aims to visibly play in a prime role within the sphere influence.
Samruddhi is always committed towards improving quality of life of our work force, their families and the communities of the area where we exist & beyond.